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Currently Reading: David Weber

I’ve done my usual trick of starting more than one book.

Currently I’m reading Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber, the author of the well known Honor Harrington series.

It’s a fascinating premise actually;  Earth is dead, wiped out by an unfathomable Alien species, and this is almost a parallel evolution story of Humanity as it struggles to start afresh on a new planet called Safehold on the other side of the Galaxy, but a planet in which Technology in any detectable form is prohibited in order to avoid detection by the same alien menace that wiped out Earth.  Weber does his usual job of considering Military strategy and politics, but this time he includes Religion, a corrupted Church being one of the chief protagonists, at least as far as I’ve read so far.

The “rules” of the colony having been set by the officers of the colony ships that found the planet, the initial colonists were made to “forget” everything previously, and so the officers were able to set themselves up as Archangels, virtually Gods of the new Church of Safehold.

I’ve added the sequel By Schism Rent Asunder to my Wishlist, but it’s not out on Paperback until mid-2009, so I’ll have to bide my time.  I still prefer paperbacks!

Also on the go is the second of the Runelords series by David Farland; Brotherhood of the Wolf (Runelords)

This one is a Fantasy work with another interesting hook, the whole Runelords thread which has given way to quite a few sequels, all of which I have lined up ready for when I get to them!

I’m also waiting for Amazon to dispatch my copy of Kris Longknife: Intrepid (Kris Longknife) by Mike Shepherd.  This is another military Scifi series, which I’ll blog about in due course!