Reconverging distributed ESS Systems

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This is a quick guide to reconnecting remote sites when the core ACM platform has entered ESS (Enterprise Survivable Site) mode.

This will only normally occur following a significant Network Communications issue, such as a comms link failure between sites.

In ESS Mode, the Avaya platform is effectively operating as two independant Avaya PBX Platforms with a virtually identical configuration.  Handsets may register to either of the platforms, but will not be able to make calls to a handset on the other platform.  Inbound and outbound calling may be restricted depending on where the Media Gateways are registered.

To resolve this issue, log in to the Avaya S8x00 Controller using a valid user ID and password and enter the following commands.  Note that it is recommended this be completed AFTER HOURS as it can be SERVICE INTERRUPTING.

get forced-takeover ipserver-interface port-network 4

(or port-network all)

after that command has run type

status ess port-networks

All network ports should now say ‘up’.

If it doesn’t then it may be necessary to resolve some other alarm conditions or an underlying network connectivity issue before reattempting the reconvergence.

Note that this ESS fallback will usually require that any AES Servers should be restarted and any associated Call Recording, Call Logging, or WFM Services dependant on AES.