Guidelines for COS Bandwidth

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Basic principles used on Avaya internally are as follows:

Any voice traffic going over the Wide Area Network (WAN) should be compressed using the G729 codec using the IP codec sets and IP network-regions forms in Avaya management,

Any voice over the LAN can normally utilise the lossless G711 codec since bandwidth constraints are less of a concern.

Basic WAN bandwidth calculations per two way conversation are

  • G.729 20-ms call over PPP = 26.8kbps
  • G.729 20-ms call over 14-B L2 = 29.6kbps

Basic LAN bandwidth calculations per two way converstaion are

  • G.711 20-ms call over Ethernet = 90.4kbps
  • G.711 30-ms call over Ethernet = 81.6kbps
  • G.726 20-ms call over Ethernet = 58.4kbps
  • G.726 30-ms call over Ethernet = 49.1kbps
  • G.729 20-ms call over Ethernet = 34.4kbps
  • G.729 30-ms call over Ethernet = 25.6kbps