Errors using a Remote Console


Windows NNM 7.50 Remote console will not work with a 7.51 Mgmt Station
Due to changes in the ovw registration file it is not possible to run an ovw session on a NNM 7.50 Remote console to a NNM 7.51 Management Station.

In a Windows based NNM Management Station Remote Console environment, if the Management station is upgraded to NNM 7.51 then the Remote Consoles ovw will not run.

The problem is caused by two new menu items that have been added to the ovw registration file, %OV_REGISTRATION%\C\ovw To avoid the problem simply replace the file with the previous version from NNM 7.50. Alternatively locate the new “Sort” menu item and comment it out along with the two new sort actions ( f.typeSort and f.labelSort ) from the file C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\registration\C\ovw

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