Authenticating a Remote Client

When connecting an Openview Remote Console GUI to the Openview Server, it is common to see an “Unable to read License” error message.

This is simply a file/permissions problem, and the account you are using on the remote client doesn’t have permissions to read from the \\Server\Openview share on the NNM Server.

There are two options.

1. To log in locally using an Account/Password combination that is valid on the NNM Server (generally add to the Openview Users or Administrators group on the NNM Server.

2. To force the credentials used to connect to the Openview share on the NNM Server as follows

C:\> net use \\[servername]\IPC$ /user:username
Enter password for \\[servername]\IPC$ : *********
Command Completed Successfully

Obviously substitute [servername] for the name of your server.

Either option should result in a successfull connection to the Openview Server when starting the NNM GUI Client.

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