RTD-1-ADDR FLAP error message

RTD Messages This section contains the Runtime Diagnostic (RTD) error messages.

Error Message RTD-1-ADDR_FLAP [chars] relearning [dec] addrs per min


Normally, MAC addresses are learned once on a port. Occasionally, when a switched network reconfigures, due to either manual or STP reconfiguration, addresses learned on one port are relearned on a different port. However, if there is a port anywhere in the switched domain that is looped back to itself, addresses will jump back and forth between the real port and the port that is in the path to the looped back port. In this message, [chars] is the interface, and [dec] is the number of addresses being learnt.

Recommended Action

Determine the real path (port) to the MAC address. Use the debug ethernet-controller addr privileged EXEC command to see the alternate path-port on which the address is being learned. Go to the switch attached to that port. Note that the show cdp neighbors command can be useful in determining the next switch. Repeat this procedure until the port is found that is receiving what it is transmitting, and remove that port from the network.

Error Message: RTD-1-LINK_FLAP [chars] link down/up [dec] times per min


This message means that an excessive number of link down-up events has been noticed on this interface: [chars] is the interface, and [dec] is the number of times the link goes up and down. This might be the result of reconfiguring the port, or it might mean a faulty device at the other end of the connection.

Recommended Action

If someone is reconfiguring the interface or device at the other side of the interface, ignore this message. However, if no one is manipulating the interface or device at the other end of the interface, it is likely that the Ethernet transceiver at one end of the link is faulty and should be replaced.

These errors can appear alongside the %ETHCNTR-3-LOOP_BACK_DETECTED error message which may require keepalives to be disabled

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