SNMP on SecurePlatform

In order to remotely monitor the health of a SecurePlatform Appliance or Server by most management platforms eg HP Openview et al, it is a requirement to enable SNMP on the target platform.

UNIX environment command knowledge is required to complete the steps below. Execute the following commands and edits in Expert Mode on SecurePlatform.

Log into system in Admin Mode.
Change to Expert Mode.


Edit the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file.

vi /etc/snmpd/snmpd.conf

Scroll to just past the Master line, go to insert mode, and start a blank line.
Add the following line rocommunity [community string] [IP address of the device performing the SNMP query]
Save and exit the file.
Run the service snmpd start command from the command line.
Verify the SNMP connectivity in your chosen SNMP Manager Platform
Run the chkconfig snmpd on command, to make the daemon persistent after reboot.

Warning: SNMP is not a recommended service on Security gateways. If SNMP must be used, VPN-1/FireWall-1 rules should be used to limit access to the service.

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