Guidelines for COS Bandwidth

Basic principles used on Avaya internally are as follows

Any voice traffic going over the Wide Area Network (WAN) should be compressed using the G729 codec using the IP codec sets and IP network-regions forms in Avaya management,

Any voice over the LAN can utilise the lossless G711 codec

Basic WAN bandwidth calculations per two way conversation are

G.729 20-ms call over PPP = 26.8kbps

G.729 20-ms call over 14-B L2 = 29.6kbps

Basic LAN bandwidth calculations per two way converstaion are

G.711 20-ms call over Ethernet = 90.4kbps

G.711 30-ms call over Ethernet = 81.6kbps

G.726 20-ms call over Ethernet = 58.4kbps

G.726 30-ms call over Ethernet = 49.1kbps

G.729 20-ms call over Ethernet = 34.4kbps

G.729 30-ms call over Ethernet = 25.6kbps

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