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Unashamedly Plugging

I may just have mentioned on one or two or six occasions about my fabulous Retired Racing Greyhound Tinker, who we’ve had for well over a year now.

We obtained him from the local branch of the Retired Greyhounds Trust, an organisation dedicated to rehoming retired racers.

They’ve recently produced a promotional video to help in their work, and I’m doing my extremely small piece to help by linking to it below.  In the video clip you’ll see Dillymore, where we got Tinker from, and some gorgeous Grey’s which remind me in so many ways of our little Tinker.

Please take a look, and if you should ever find yourself looking for a new pet, I sincerely hope you’ll give a Greyhound a look.  They are the most wonderful pet, with such a great laid back temprament, such a nice nature, and they don’t need as much exercise as you might think!



Blast from the past!

I’m wondering how many of you remember this advert on TV…?


Sadly it seems the lesser spotted Milkman is just about extinct, in favour of the Supermarket alternative.