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Unashamedly Plugging

I may just have mentioned on one or two or six occasions about my fabulous Retired Racing Greyhound Tinker, who we’ve had for well over a year now.

We obtained him from the local branch of the Retired Greyhounds Trust, an organisation dedicated to rehoming retired racers.

They’ve recently produced a promotional video to help in their work, and I’m doing my extremely small piece to help by linking to it below.  In the video clip you’ll see Dillymore, where we got Tinker from, and some gorgeous Grey’s which remind me in so many ways of our little Tinker.

Please take a look, and if you should ever find yourself looking for a new pet, I sincerely hope you’ll give a Greyhound a look.  They are the most wonderful pet, with such a great laid back temprament, such a nice nature, and they don’t need as much exercise as you might think!




Since my last post (“Evolutionary Change“) when I was praising the Kindle, I’ve probably read more than I have in a long time!

I’ve read the sequel to “Life Free or Die” and  “Citadel” – called The Hot Gate (Troy Rising), I’ve read “Hellhole” by Kevin J Anderson & Brian Herbert, and “The Parasite” by Neal Asher,  and I’m currently working my way through “A Kingdom Besieged” by Raymond E Feist.

It’s fantastic that the Kindle has allowed me to rediscover my love of reading, although it may be entirely coincidental that right now there is a selection of great fiction that I want to read!

On the Big Screen side of things, I’m somewhat dissapointed to discover that the remake of one of my favourite films ever has been cancelled.

Unless you’ve been living in a proverbial Scifi/Fantasy Desert for the last year though, you’ll doubtless be aware of the forthcoming “Game of Thrones” from HBO.  I believe it’s being screened in the UK on the same day as it premiers in the US courtesy of Sky Atlantic, so I’m waiting for this one with a keen anticipation!

In other news, Tinker went for an unscheduled and unexpected swim the other day, having been chased in to a river by some other friendly and playful Greyhounds.  He was no worse the wear, but we certainly had some thinking to do working out how to get a very wet dog back home again in the car!

In the meantime, here’s a short video of Tinker stretching his legs!



I’ve also taken the plunge and started selling a few bits & bobs on eBay.  I’ve occasionally bought items, but never sold anything, so it’s a bit of a new experience for me.  Somewhat predictably I keep checking to see if there are any bids.

So come on, hurry up you “Watchers”, I can see you!  Don’t just watch, BID BID BID!  🙂

In case you’re interested, you can find my items for sale here.

My Little Tinker

Just a quick video of our “little” Tinker stretching his legs!  🙂


60MPH Couch Potato is definitely right!

Settling in

This morning at 10:30am we went off to collect Tinker from the Suffolk RGT.

Just before that we went to Pets at Home in Colchester to collect a few last minute essentials (Toys, Treats, and Grooming gear), and just about had time to grab a cup of Coffee at Waitrose before dashing off to collect him.

Tinker was a little nervous in the car on the way home, continually panting, but soon settled down when we got out of the car at home.  He very quickly explored the house and gardens, and seemed quite taken with one of the old cuddly toys we’d found for him to play with.

Here’a a few photos of him meeting the family and exploring the Garden.  

He certainly liked the mix of food we gave him for his dinner.  It’s probably fortunate they don’t make dog bowls with patterns on!

We let him rest for a while after lunch, before taking him for a walk at about 3.15.  He has been brilliant at every step of the way so far, the one or two times we’ve had to say “NO” have mostly been to stop him getting in the Fishpond, which he seemed most insistent in trying. 

As I type this he keeps back and forth between me in my room on the Computer and the Conservatory where Gran’s enjoying a cup of tea. 

Toilet training is so far so good, no little accidents indoors, and he’s been for number ones’ and a number two in the garden. 

We haven’t heard him Bark once yet!

Keeping everything crossed

We’ve discussed this previously, and never really knew how to go about it, so when we bumped in to the Retired Greyhounds Trust representatives at The Suffolk Show last week, we were only too glad to take one of their leaflets home to read and discuss.

We discussed, and phoned, and went out to visit them today, and hurrah!  We’re hoping to be able to offer a new home to a Retired Racing Greyhound called “Tinker”.


We next need a “home check” visit to make sure that our house is suitable, and we can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t be, so with a little luck we’ll have a new companion in the house very soon!

He is simply gorgeous, and has such a relaxed manner about him.   One of the big benefits for me will be that I now have a reason to go out for a half hour walk a couple of times a day!  Some regular exercise will do me good!