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A useful link! – Check password strength

I got a reasonable score for my day to day password! 🙂

A Word to the Wise

You might just have noticed over the last couple of weeks, this Website has undergone a bit of a transformation.

One of the extra abilities that some of this work has given me is the ability to gain a little insight in to the people that visit my blog.  While perusing the statistics today one particular entry caught my eye.

Extract from my Website Logs


Somewhere, Someone is using a very VERY old version of Windows still!

Microsoft have not been supporting or producing any Security updates to Windows Millenium since July 11th 2006, meaning that for nearly five years now, that individual has been receiving no patches or updates of any kind.  I would suspect that any Anti-Virus software (if any!) that they may be running is long past it’s end of life now, and is very likely to be out of date at best.   Internet Explorer 6 is probably the newest version of IE that Windows ME could run, and the more observant amongst you have probably already noticed that the PC in question is already infected with the Zango Toolbar spyware!

I guess it just reinforces for me my belief that it is vital to stay current with your Software Updates and Patches.  I know there will always be a healthy dose of pragmatism involved on the spend/save upgrade cycle, but in my mind that really is pushing the limits in my mind.  It is little wonder that we are subject to such massive disruption and organised anarchy caused by “Hackers” (used in the negative context) using things like the Storm Botnet, which to an extent relies on un-patched vulnerabilities in Windows to spread.

So the message of the day today – Keep your PC Up to date.  When was the last time you ran WindowsUpdate?

Incidentally, I’ve added a small section to this blog with some recommended tools and utilities, including a Free Anti-Virus recommendation, and some Security Tools to help keep your PC safe.

Entertaining and Thought Provoking…

Quite an interesting clip of Clifford Stoll in action.


I can thoroughly recommend his book “The Cuckoo’s Egg” for any Computer Security types out there.