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Technology: MSN Woes

I’m a fairly big MSN Windows Live Messenger user, but I’m starting to think that might change fairly soon.

I started to experience some annoyances with the current 8.5 version of WLM.  It started to “jump” to focus, if I was merrily doing something in another application like Word, Excel, or even Notepad, and someone sent me a message it’d pop up and change the input focus to the chat bar, so if I was (as I regularly tend to do) typing away without looking at the screen to see what was going on, I could mistakenly send whoever spoke to me some totally irellevant and boring drivel!

So, I tried upgrading to the beta of Version 9, in the hope that particular problem would be fixed, and sure enough it does seem to have gone away, only now WLM itself seems to be exceedingly flaky.

Quite regularly I can be on line and in mid-conversation with someone when my messages start to bounce back as undelivered.   Sometimes WLM decides to e-mail them to my recipient rather than using the Chat window.  For no apparent reason the chat service will sign out and refuse to sign in again, and according to the “Service Status” pages there’s no problem, and everything is running normally.

Anyway, I decided to uninstall the Beta of WLM 9, and go back to 8.5 which was reliable for the most part even if it was damned annoying, only to find that the bouncing messages and e-mailed chats aren’t limited to v9, it’s going on with v8.5 as well.

I assume it’s because MS are preparing the back-end for the rollout of v9, but I hope to god they get it all sorted out soon, It’s driving me mad!!