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What’s in your Arsenal?

Don’t worry!  No need for Panic.   I’ve not suddenly developed a keen interest in Football!

We had a Work Function yesterday, at the Emirates Stadium in London.  Home of Arsenal Football Club.

The Emirates Stadium

It was quite amusing to see the reactions from some of my colleagues, who as ardent supporters of some club or another were either quite pleased to be there, and interested in the surroundings or quite scandalised that they had been made to attend that particular venue.   I was of course in the “I-don’t-really-give-a-damn” group.

Inside the Stadium

The venue was nice, a fair size and well equipped with good acoustics.  I was rather dissapointed with the quality and quantity of the “Canapes” we were served!  I’d have liked to see more choice and more than was on offer.  And the less said about the “free bar” the better, seeing as I had to drive part of my journey home!   Never mind, I will have to make it up another time!