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Recipe: Eggy Bread

This is a great comfort food!  and is quick and easy to boot, even if it CAN be a little messy!  🙂

I like to use a plain Brioche loaf, but that’s because I’m not keen on the Sultana’s etc in it.

Mix 3-4 eggs, a splash of milk or cream, a dash of Vanilla Essence and a tablespoon of Caster sugar for each egg you use, and whisk vigorously!   Pour in to a flat receptacle with sides deep enough to let you dip in!

Heat a frying pan with a knob of butter (unsalted is best).

Take a roughly 1.5cm slice of the Brioche loaf, and dip it in the Egg Mixture on both sides, then using a fish slice suitable for use in a hot frying pan, transfer the soggy slice in to the frying pan, cooking gently so that it’s light brown on both sides.

As you serve it should look something like the above, with a nice soggy centre that tastes somewhat like custard and a lightly caremelised outside!