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6 months in…

So, on 20th May this year, I received my latest shiny new car, a Mercedes C220 Sport Estate in Palladium Silver.


Unfortunately, just under two weeks and just over 500 miles later I had the misfortune to be #3 in a 4 car sandwich while driving home from visiting a site in Surrey.

I made light of it at the time, with jests like “I wanted to see what it looked like with a Vauxhall Corsa hood ornament”, and “see if I could fit a Mercedes CLK in the nice big boot”.  The car wasn’t written off, although the repairs did cost in the region of £12k for parts alone, as advised by the repairing garage.  Fortunately I got it back as good as new after four weeks of hell driving a Peugeot 208 courtesy car.  Now, just over 6 months later I can say without reservation that I’m really glad I chose the C-class over the other options available to me.

After years of driving Ford and Vauxhall vehicles, I had never really appreciated the difference a premium car brand like Mercedes might make.  Gone are the little rattles and creaks from the dashboard and console, replaced with a silent refined atmosphere which disguises the speed and power of the engine.  I get better fuel economy out of this 2015 2.1 litre diesel Blutec engine than I did from the 2.0 diesel in the 2011 Insignia that preceded it!

There are also many small refinements which drive home just how carefully this car has been thought thru.  For example, after about five weeks of driving the car I realised that the little black strip visible on the ceiling from the drivers central mirror also contained a set of LED’s which showed proximity to other objects while reversing.  This being in addition to the usual beeps and the reversing camera that came as standard with this model. My failure to notice this before came from a combination of not needing them due to the Camera and beeping noises, and the angle at which I had the mirror set.  I initially thought the concealed illuminations “down” under the doors and mirrors were a silly affectation, but having been getting in to the car in dark car parks since the clocks changed, my mind has been changed here too.

I wonder if I’ll still love the car as much in another 3 years time?  🙂