Monthly Archives: July 2013

I’ve spotted a trick….

This is something I really must keep an eye out for!

I’ve had something in my Amazon wishlist for a while now.  When I originally added it, it’s cost was about £90.  In the 2-3 months since, it’s price has consistently dropped as we approach the middle of the month, to a low of less than £50, and approaching the end of the month it’s increased again, (currently to a price of ~ £80).  None of this appears to be driven by stock quantities, it appears to be consistently “in stock”, and I’ve not seen it running low with “only X remaining” as yet.

I rather suspect that this is Amazon being a bit crafty, and reducing prices during the middle of the month, between paydays perhaps!  but putting them up again towards the end of the month to coincide with people’s spending habits.  If it’s not deliberate, then it’s an almighty coincidence!

I guess if it’s still cheaper than originally listed, there IS a saving to be made, but it’s not as good as the saving at the mid point of the month.  I’m definitely going to keep watching and check it out again, just to confirm my theory.