Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Gadget!

Ok, so my old trusty Acer laptop finally gave up the ghost, with some very odd distortion on the screen meaning everything was either psychedelic green or pink!  It’d done me a good turn, and it surprised me when I sat to think about how long I’d had it, and the “designed for Windows XP” sticker proudly on the front really should have given me a slap in the face.   Still, having survived at least one HDD and RAM upgrade, and two OS upgrades, to Vista and then to Win7, it really didn’t owe me anything.

I thought long and hard about what to go for;  Did I want a really powerful desktop replacement style laptop, with a Core i7 and all the whistles and bells, or a fast & light Ultrabook?

In the end I opted for the Asus N55S, which is a really beautiful piece of kit.  I can’t seem to find one that matches my spec exactly on line.


Specs are: Intel Core i5 2430M v2.4Ghz CPU, 6Gb RAM, 6x Blu-ray Reader/Writer, 500Gb HDD, Nvidia Geforce 635M GT Graphics with 2Gb dedicated VRAM, USB 3.0 Ports,  & Built in Bang & Olufsen ICEPower Sound System (with separate Subwoofer).


Overall this is one very sweet laptop.  It’s powerful enough to act as a desktop replacement for when I’m out and about.  It’s not an ultrabook by any means, being fairly large and weighty, but that doesn’t bother me too much.

Here’s the intro Video so you can see for yourself!


I can thoroughly recommend it!