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Since last week I’ve been grappling with a difficult decsision.

What new car to have!

I had a choice of four possibilities open to me.  These were:

  • Audi A3 1.6 TDi S Line Sportback (105bhp)
  • BMW 118d SE (143bhp)
  • Vauxhall Insignia 2.0CDTi Elite ecoFLEX (160bhp)
  • Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Titanium X (140bhp)

I pretty much ruled the A3 and BMW 118 out immediately due to size.  Being the size and shape that I am (ahem) I thought I’d need a slightly larger car.

I then reasoned that I’d find an Estate version somewhat beneficial these days because of a certain four legged friend, so I started looking seriously at the Mondeo and Insignia, trying to decide.

This proved to be anything but easy!  The majority of people I spoke to recommended the Mondeo, but I’ve historically preferred Vauxhall’s to Fords.  I have nothing against Ford but liked Vauxhall’s better.  So I decided the only option was to try and test drive!

The local Ford and Vauxhall garages were exceedingly unhelpful.  None of the local Vauxhall garages had the Estate version of the Insignia, so I resorted to testing a colleagues’ Insignia Hatchback out one Lunchtime.  I found it Ok but my intial impression was that the visibility was quite poor due to a small rear window and wing mirrors that were almost triangular.   “Lookers” Ford initially gave me quite a runaround, with the Colchester branch first saying they didn’t have a Mondeo Estate available at all (same story as the Vauxhall Garage really), but then”Lookers” in Clacton saying that they didn’t have one… but (wait for it!) … Colchester did!

I eventually managed to test drive a 2.2 Mondeo CDTi Estate on Saturday but found it exceedingly dissapointing.

Finally I made the decision, and the order is in… for the Insignia.

Vauxhall somewhat pretentiously call it the “Sports Tourer”, and it does look quite smart.  This is the colour I’ve chosen .. “Technical Grey” apparently.


I should take receipt some time in June!   Full spec here

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My Little Tinker

Just a quick video of our “little” Tinker stretching his legs!  🙂


60MPH Couch Potato is definitely right!