Settling in

This morning at 10:30am we went off to collect Tinker from the Suffolk RGT.

Just before that we went to Pets at Home in Colchester to collect a few last minute essentials (Toys, Treats, and Grooming gear), and just about had time to grab a cup of Coffee at Waitrose before dashing off to collect him.

Tinker was a little nervous in the car on the way home, continually panting, but soon settled down when we got out of the car at home.  He very quickly explored the house and gardens, and seemed quite taken with one of the old cuddly toys we’d found for him to play with.

Here’a a few photos of him meeting the family and exploring the Garden.  

He certainly liked the mix of food we gave him for his dinner.  It’s probably fortunate they don’t make dog bowls with patterns on!

We let him rest for a while after lunch, before taking him for a walk at about 3.15.  He has been brilliant at every step of the way so far, the one or two times we’ve had to say “NO” have mostly been to stop him getting in the Fishpond, which he seemed most insistent in trying. 

As I type this he keeps back and forth between me in my room on the Computer and the Conservatory where Gran’s enjoying a cup of tea. 

Toilet training is so far so good, no little accidents indoors, and he’s been for number ones’ and a number two in the garden. 

We haven’t heard him Bark once yet!

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