Monthly Archives: February 2010

I just want to say… I want one..

… nay, I NEED one!

What am I on about you may ask?

The answer is simple….  one of these:


It’s an LG N2B1DD2 2 Bay Blu-ray Network Attached Storage 2TB which connects to the Network and provides Network Attached Disk for me to back up and archive data to.

I’ve had a 1Tb Buffalo Terastation for about five years now, and it’s choc-full of data, with my MP3 Collection, my Library of Audiobooks, copies of most of my Applications and so forth, and that’s BEFORE I count the Multi-Gigabyte’s of Documentation I’ve accumulated from all the different PC’s I look after, and various Laptops that “visit” for me to maintain!

The Buffalo was a 1Tb, the new one is 2Tb but has the added benefit of allowing me to migrate on-line storage to near-line or off line using the built-in Blu-Ray recorder, which is REALLY interesting!

The fact that it’ll work as a DLNA Server, so I could stream Video straight from the storage device to my Whizzy Samsung 7-Series TV is a huge bonus, and the iTunes Server thing is quite interesting too.

So, this is squarely on my list of gadgets to acquire.  Psst;  Anyone want to buy a 2nd hand Buffalo Terastation??  🙂