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Entertaining and Thought Provoking…

Quite an interesting clip of Clifford Stoll in action.


I can thoroughly recommend his book “The Cuckoo’s Egg” for any Computer Security types out there.

In Memorium

A somewhat predictable post given today’s date.  Like many millions of others around the world, September 11th 2001 will be a date forever burned in to my memory.

And here I am, some 8 years later, and I still find the whole thing indelibly etched on my mind, it brings a shiver to my spine just thinking about it.

I was at work, and I remember my first clue that anything out of the ordinary was going on was when I started to get complaints from people thruought the company that the Internet access and e-mail was all going slow.

I investigated and was very surprised to find all of our internet links being maxed out.   I then went on a hunt and started looking at where people were going to see what was causing the abnormal use, only to find that without exception everyone was trying to get to BBC News and Sky News websites.

I accessed the sites, and was quite horrified about what I saw.  I wandered around to the restroom and found a group of people gathered around the television in a horrified silence.  At that time the plane had hit the first tower.   I made a couple of quick phone calls to my family and a friend and suggested they go turn on their TV and then stood there feeling sick to the stomach as we watched the second plane hit in more or less real time, and I told a few colleagues what had been happening before rushing back to grab a space in front of the Television.

It’s difficult to describe in hindsight how I felt at the time;  I know I was trying hard to hold on to the contents of my stomach, and found it more or less impossible to pull myself back to work later that day.  I think I must have lost about 4 hours that day just gazing in mute disbelief at the TV or reading online news articles.  In the call centres, the phones went strangely quiet, which was just as well considering how everyone else must have been feeling.

Rather peversely, I do remember feeling a newfound sense of companionship with the others watching alongside me.  An event of such magnitude did seem to bring us closer together as a community of people, I even remember smiling wryly at one couple who I noticed holding hands tightly as they watched.

I’m sure anyone reading this will join me in hoping, nay wishing, no – preying that we never ever see anything as horrific as the events of that day again, and I for one will never forget that day!  I’m sure I am not alone.

New TV

This weekend I went and collected my nice shiny new Television set.

I opted for the UE32B7020 from Samsung, which is a 32″ model in the 7-Series range of LED TV’s.

I saw a 6-Series LED in a shop a few weeks ago and was captivated by two things.  First off the Picture quality was astounding, more like a Plasma than an LCD TV, and the Black was very very Black, if you know what I mean.

The second thing that was incredible was the sheer depth of the set.  My older LCD TV wasn’t exactly large at about 5cm deep in total, but the UE32B7020 was literally less than 2cm deep!  It was slimmer than a picture.

And for the eco-friendly, it uses LESS electricity than the equivalent 32″ LCD set!

I updated the Gadgets post with the new set, but for some reason Samsung don’t seem to have the 32″ version of the 7-Series LED posted on their website, so I had to link to the
UE40B7020WW instead.