A difficult quest…

This seems to be a bit of a challenge!

I’m after a some CD Blanks.   Not too difficult I hear you say, even Tescos sell them these days.  No, but I want some specific ones.   They used to be fairly common a few years ago, when you used to have to be careful which CD media you bought.

In fact I’d guess that the vast majority of you probably aren’t even aware that you can get CD’s of differing lengths/sizes, are you?  If you’re interested, see the section in Wikipedia on Capacities.  There, see?  My blogging can even be educational too!

Anyway, I want some 90 Minute Cd Blanks.   Only I don’t want a box of ten in Jewel Cases, which seems to be one of the few ways I can buy them.  I want a “Cakebox” style pack of 50 or even 100.

Even trusty Amazon seems to list only one source of the standard CD Blanks like these:

1×25 Verbatim CD-R 90 / 800MB 40x Speed, Cakebox Extra Protect
.. and they have limited supplies, so I guess I’d better get clicky and order some before they sell out!

Trouble is, even these aren’t really what I want.   You see I want some LightScribe compatible ones of that size, so I can print on the surface of the CD with my Lightscribe writer.

But alas, it seems my quest is too difficult!  Unless any of my avid readers can help…?

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