Right!  If this is visible from https://www.cathles.com it means that the Domain Transfer has completed successfully!  HURRAH!

I used to use easily.co.uk for my hosting services, but maintaining several websites each with their own hosting account, having to pay the {expletive deleted} incessant data transfer topup fees started to exceed £500 per year all told, although some websites drew more traffic than others, it was clearly time for me to take drastic action.

Instead I’ve signed up for a Platinum hosting package with EUKHOST, which allows me to create as many websites as I like within my account, all hosted within a 10Gb space allocation and a 100Gb per month data transfer allowance.  Methinks that unless Easily sort themselves out they’ll loose most of their more savvy customers soon!

So I can now basically create as many websites as I like for little or no cost;  in most cases if I want a new domain for the purpose it’s £6 for two years, and I can bind that to the existing account with no problem.   Now if only I could come up with some content that people really liked and wanted to read…..

Oh and for all the Russian people trying to sell me their grannies, or link to their less than legitimate websites by commenting here, I have only one thing to say…. AKISMET!

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