New Year, New Theme!

Anyone who’s visited before may notice that things look a little different around here!

I’ve found another theme that I rather like, and have applied it so that I can start afresh this year with an all new look!

Hope you likes it My Precioussssss!

Oh, and you might notice the extra sections (now at the bottom) listing My Books, and My DVD’s, I’ve been busy during the Christmas Break cataloguing them all, using LibraryThing for the books and another programme for the DVD’s!

What else is new?

Well, you can find me on Twitter here… do pop up and say hello!  I’m set to “private” at the moment, so to view my tweets you’ll have to follow me!  I’ll be trying to tweet fairly regularly now that I have an iPhone!  Please NAG ME if I don’t!

New Year, New Sections

I’m hoping to try and do some more Book Reviews this year.  If all goes according to plan I’ll summarise the reviews in another section at the bottom of the screen.

First Post coming soon as I’ve nearly finished the first book of the year!  stars5

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  1. Theme: I could give you a list of the customisations I’ve made to mine if you’re interested.

  2. Hmm, that might be interesting Brennig, if you don’t mind. The only customisation I made was to select the water droplets rather than the grass, the rest is with Plugins etc.

  3. Switched off the disclaimer that was in the sidebar
    Switched off the parent/child pop-ups in the toolbar
    Reduced the size of the individual post RSS buttons
    Switched on [i] and [b] tags for post titles in main index template
    Reduced the size of the ‘tag’ graphics against individual posts
    Reduced the size of the ‘tag’ graphics in the index.php
    (actually, I might take those ‘tag’ graphics away, I can’t see any functional need for them)

  4. And… changed most of the timings from US format to 24hr format. The only one I can’t crack is the toolbar clock.

  5. Aah, i’m not too bothered about some of that, but taking away the parent/child popups in the toolbar might be handy, IF there aren’t any sub pages to display.

    I shall have to investigate the PHP in some more detail! 🙂

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