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A glimpse of the future!

Here’s hoping this vision becomes a reality, but I think there’s actually a fair chance on this one!

I found this article today about a Wearable Flexible OLED screen that has been developed by an American company.

Now my imagination combined that with the functionality and power of the fantastic Apple iPhone 3G which I’ve been a very happy user of for a month or so now.

Imagine the sheer power of a fairly thin and flexible band around your wrist that encompassed the functionality of your Watch, your Phone, your PDA, and gave you Mobile Internet etc too?    It sounds very Scifi, but looks like it might just be entering the realms of possiblity now!

What more can I say, apart from “I WANT ONE?”!

Book: Kris Longknife: Intrepid

This is the Sixth Book in the Kris Longknife series that I’ve read, and overall I found this one somewhat harder to follow than the others.

The characters seem less well defined in this installment, perhaps that’s because the Author is settled in to his stride with these individuals now, and doesn’t feel the need to describe them as well as in previous installments, but the ultimate effect is that you need to read this volume more or less directly after one or more of it’s predecessors in order to keep up with the action which starts pretty much straight away.

Shepherd doesn’t seem to have quite the same flair for Military style Scifi as Elizabeth Moon or David Webber, but he does a passable job describing the combat, strategy and tactics.  On occasion the writing would have benefited from a more descriptive style, at least enough to give your imagination something to fire on.  He does also degenerate in to acronyms all too easily, and only occasionally remembers to explain himself a few pages or paragraphs further on.

It takes until the last quarter of the book for Shepherd to develop the overall point of the novel in the series, (which I won’t give away here), but this kind of distances this volume from it’s predecessors.  I rather suspect that he wrapped up most of his planned threads in the fifth volume of this series, and this is very much a bridge in to some new ideas which will give the overall storyline great boost in to the next novel in the series.

Overall an average attempt by Mr Shepherd, so I give Kris Longknife: Intrepid (Kris Longknife) a rating of stars3

For reference, the prequels were:

New Year, New Theme!

Anyone who’s visited before may notice that things look a little different around here!

I’ve found another theme that I rather like, and have applied it so that I can start afresh this year with an all new look!

Hope you likes it My Precioussssss!

Oh, and you might notice the extra sections (now at the bottom) listing My Books, and My DVD’s, I’ve been busy during the Christmas Break cataloguing them all, using LibraryThing for the books and another programme for the DVD’s!

What else is new?

Well, you can find me on Twitter here… do pop up and say hello!  I’m set to “private” at the moment, so to view my tweets you’ll have to follow me!  I’ll be trying to tweet fairly regularly now that I have an iPhone!  Please NAG ME if I don’t!

New Year, New Sections

I’m hoping to try and do some more Book Reviews this year.  If all goes according to plan I’ll summarise the reviews in another section at the bottom of the screen.

First Post coming soon as I’ve nearly finished the first book of the year!  stars5